What sea creature has the biggest eyes?

Answer As of 2008, the colossal squid has the biggest eyes of not only any sea creature but of any animal in the world, according to National Geographic. The eye measured in at 11 inches, the same length ... Read More »

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What sea creature has its eyes 16 inches apart?

Scientists think that he colossal squid has the largest eyes of any animal, set 16 inches apart. One specimen at New Zealand's Te Papa Tongarewa Museum has 30-cm-in-diameter eyes, the size of a soc... Read More »

One creature feeds on other creature in the forests so why should i practice vegetarianism?

Last year I saw a Swamiji preaching vegetarianism while he himself was seated on a 'deer' skin my dissappointment prompted me to write this blog below on ethical non-vegetarianismMany beliefs aroun... Read More »

What color eyes will baby have if mother has brown eyes and father has blue eyes?

Brown eye gene = BBlue eye gene = b Each person has two copies of the eye color gene in their genome, one inherited from each parent. Now if both parents only carry the gene for brown eyes, BB and ... Read More »

What color eyes will baby have if male has blue eyes and female has brown eyes?

To accurately guess it would be better to have the eye color of both of the parent's parents.