What screen there are letters on it and **** im like tripping out here! help me out!?

Answer aye bruh bruh y youz be trippin fo? y'aint gota wurry bout a thang! it all gud

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Need help with size of letters on screen?

you need to increase the dpi.cant explain how to do this without being techy

Pls Help! My nephew rubbed a magnet on the screen of my monitor and the screen color looks like a rainbow?

Your monitor may have a degauss function built into it. It's usually accessed through an on screen configuration menu you can bring up by pressing a button or dial on the front of the monitor. Yo... Read More »

Is there any slow typers like me in here?

Its not the quantity of the work but the quality. Some people type so fast they don't make sense. Partial words and mi-spelled words can be a nightmare especially if you have to decipher them in or... Read More »

Why are there so many people on here saying, "think what your tattoo will look like when you are 80!"?

I agree with you, it's annoying. To cre8mean- just because we are tattooed doesn't mean we are stupid. We understand people ask this question because tattoo will fade, stretch, and wrinkle with us ... Read More »