What screen there are letters on it and **** im like tripping out here! help me out!?

Answer aye bruh bruh y youz be trippin fo? y'aint gota wurry bout a thang! it all gud

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Need help with size of letters on screen?

you need to increase the dpi.cant explain how to do this without being techy

The letters AV won't go off the top right corner of the TV screen when I'm using the PS3?

How to Remove Silk Screen-Printed Letters?

Silk-screening clothing is a great way to express yourself and customize your clothing. One of the most popular ways to customize clothing is to apply silk screen letters that have a clever saying ... Read More »

How do I make the screen smaller. All the letters are super large?

point your mouse to the screen and right click. click on PROPERTIES. when the display properties window pops up, click on APPEARANCE and on the lower left portion of it you will see FONT SIZE. set ... Read More »