What scientists used x-rays crystallography to photograph DNA?

Answer Rosalind Elise Franklin, with an assist from Maurice Wilkins. Watson and Crick had a model with the DNA bases pointed outward from the core of the double helix before they saw her famous X-ray crys... Read More »

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What Are Units of Measurements Used by Scientists?

A unit of measurement is defined as "any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement or exchange." Examples of physical quantities requiring measurement include weight, length and he... Read More »

What different rays are used in hospitals?

Our local hospital has sting rays in a fish tank in reception. I guess they are used to entertain the patients.

What was used before x-rays were invented?

Before the invention of the X-ray by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in 1895, physicians probed wounds or palpated areas around broken bones with their fingers. Sometimes they employed stethoscopes to list... Read More »

What rays are used in remote controls for TV's and VCR's?

TVs, VCR and DVD are normally controlled through LED bulbs emitting infra red light. The different actions are encoded into different patterns of blinking. Some remotes have more than one LED, allo... Read More »