What school started touchdown push-ups?

Answer No definitive answer on who started the touchdown push-ups tradition. The University of Houston suggests that it might have originated with its Mascot Shasta in celebration of its high scoring foot... Read More »

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Who started touchdown push-ups?

There is no consensus on who started the tradition of touchdown pushups. The University of Houston claims to have originated the practice, but others dispute that claim and point elsewhere, includi... Read More »

I have a Briggs & Stratton Series 300 Push Mower. Need help getting it started?

remove the gas cap tilt the mower to that side drain all the old gas out you can, then check the oil level [a plug on the base of the motor] fill it till oil runs out the hole, put the cap bac... Read More »

Who started the 100 day of school celebration?

The 100th day of school celebration was conceived by elementary school teacher Lynn Taylor. Taylor first introduced the idea in the Center for Innovation in Education newsletter in the 1981-1982 sc... Read More »

Who started teaching school?

The Egyptians first established schools, in the third millennium B.C. The development of writing in the form of hieroglyphics made teachers necessary, and Egypt required formal education to be able... Read More »