What school loans and grants are available to me?

Answer You should definitely apply for federal financial aid at but be aware, college is about sacrifice. You can get student loans, but you aren't going to get rich doing it. Depend... Read More »

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When did President Bush, Jr. cut funds for student loans and school grants?

In 2008 President George W. Bush signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008. The act cut the maximum Pell Grant award by $69 and reduced the subsidies provided to lenders who participate in... Read More »

Federal Loans and Grants?

If you go to the FAFSA website you can apply for student loans. Each state has several grants you can apply for. Most people under a certain income level are usually granted a Pell Grant. Here is t... Read More »

How to Apply for Student Loans or Grants?

Loans and grants allow many students -- who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity -- to go to college. If you are considering applying for student loans or grants, you need to know the difference... Read More »

Free Grants & Loans for Pregnant Women?

There are a variety of grants and loans available for pregnant women through the federal government. Some are for government agencies only, but others trickle down and benefit pregnant women direc... Read More »