What scent of dush is best for a virgin to use?

Answer "Summers breeze" it is the best smelling dush out there. I even put it in with my clothes when I wash.I hope I have helped with her dilemma.

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Does dush kill sprem does dush break hymn?

it's douche and hymen no, douche does not kill sperm or break hymen, and it is not god for the vagina eithervagina cleans itself safely and thouroughly by produicng secretions (discharge), so douc... Read More »

Dush for my vadge area in there?

Whenever I dush my vadge, I use a dushbag my gramma once used. I inherited it a few years ago. I put a lil water, vinegar, oregano, dill, and a touch of rosemary to give it a delicious aroma. Since... Read More »

Where could one purchase a dush bag like the one my Grandma kept under the sink?

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