What scent of dush is best for a virgin to use?

Answer "Summers breeze" it is the best smelling dush out there. I even put it in with my clothes when I wash.I hope I have helped with her dilemma.

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Does dush kill sprem does dush break hymn?

it's douche and hymen no, douche does not kill sperm or break hymen, and it is not god for the vagina eithervagina cleans itself safely and thouroughly by produicng secretions (discharge), so douc... Read More »

What materials hold scent the best?

Something with lots of fiber like Hessian or Hemp will do the job quite okay.

What shampoo scent stays in your hair for a long time I want a long lasting scent shampoo!!?

Big Sexy, Bed Head, and Paul Mitchel are the best. But also you can spray perfume in the hair while your blow drying it because your hair cuticle opens up to heat so the scent will be trapped in th... Read More »

What makes virgin olive oil "virgin" compared to just olive oil And then there's?

Virgin olive oil is cold-pressed, using only pressure to extract the oil from the olives. Extra-virgin is the first pressing of a group of olives only - there can be multiple pressings of the same... Read More »