What savoury or sweet fillings can I put in my pancakes next week?

Answer Keep to the classic sugar and lemon. Otherwise honey and walnuts... How about ham and cheese (a type that melts)?

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Sweet Potato Pancakes Blueberry Pancakes Or Pancakes with jelly Which from this list do u like better?

What is a good savoury or sweet mix for rice please?

An old recipe we have here in India called Wedding Rice has cashew nuts & raisins lighted roasted in butter sprinkled over the rice and lots of onions fried deep brown with a bit of salt at the sid... Read More »

Are chicken wings sweet or savoury food?

Sometimes I feel afraid for future generations.How can you not know this? They are savoury.

Is it ok to eat pancakes a few times a week?

You're 16, active and not overweight. Pancakes two or three times per week won't hurt a thing. I use the Aunt Jemima original mix myself. I usually add one extra egg to the batter.