What sauce is better prego or ragu?

Answer Prego is better, but I feel that making your own is a whole lot better and not hard at all. You can find great recipes for all types of sauces on

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Hot Sauce BBQ Sauce Steak Sauce Tarter Sauce OR Soy Sauce Which do you like more on your food?

It depends on what kind of food that I am eating them with.I hope that you enjoy your break.

How long is an open can of ragu good for?

On One Hand: Not After Seven DaysThe Ragú website advocates not consuming any sauce if the container has been unsealed for seven days or more. It is also a good idea to pay attention to the expir... Read More »

What does prego mean?

Prego is an Italian word that has several different connotations. The meanings include: "don't mention it," "you're welcome," "not at all," "after you" and "please sit down." It is considered both ... Read More »

Can pre-ejaculation get you prego?