What sales tax does a condominium association have to pay on social events?

Answer Your question depends on the location of the association -- which state -- and the vendor that the association proposes to pay.If, for example, you hold your Annual Meeting at the local sports pala... Read More »

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What are the consiquences of a Condominium Association putting a lien on your condominium home in Ohio?

If Ohio is like most other states, the recorded lien effectively clouds your title, so when you attempt to sell the unit, the lien shows up in the title search. As owner, the lien may also appear o... Read More »

If you proceed through courts against a condominium association where and how can you collect the legal data for that particular association?

Your attorney would use the Discovery Process to subpoena the records necessary. The organizational papers for the association should be a public record.

What is the difference between a Condominium Homeowners Association and a Townhouse or Plan Unit Development Homeowners Association?

A condo or townhouse Homeowners' Association (HOA) governs a group of condos, wherein the association is responsible for the maintenance of the outside of the building(s), landscaping, and utilitie... Read More »

How to Run a Condominium Association?

A condominium, or "common interest" residential development means residents own both their homes or apartments and share an interest in the community's public areas such as streets, parking lots, w... Read More »