What #s should I press on a touch-tone phone to best approximate the Final Jeopardy theme music?

Answer most phones only have 3 tones so you would not be able to. The rest have just one tone

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Who wrote the theme song for"Final Jeopardy"?

The theme song for "Final Jeopardy" was written by Merv Griffin in 1964 when the "Jeopardy" television show was invented. Born in 1925, Griffin died in 2007 from prostate cancer.Source:The Internet... Read More »

When does contestant wager on final jeopardy'Is it before or after the category of the final question?

It is after the category is announced that the contestant must determine how much they will wager

What is a touch tone phone How do i know i use a touch tone phone?

There are two types of phone dialing around the world: pulse and tone. In the USA almost everyone uses the more modern and less error-prone tone (touch-tone). It is faster and less prone to error... Read More »

Why are the numbers on a calculator upside down instead of being the same way up as a touch tone phone?

Good question. Here's a star. I've always wondered the same thing. You would think there would be some uniform standard for number keypads...apparently not.