What Saturday night live alumni and future Oscar night host was jay leno's first guest when he took over the tonight show on may 25 1992?

Answer Billy Crystal

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What are the best positions to get knocked up?

The best way to ensure pregnancy is to have really strong orgasms...this is true. When a woman orgasms her cervix sort of dips into the pool of sperm and this ensures that a maximum ... Read More »

Lightning knocked out what NASA space launch?

My son got a kick on the side of his head today and was knocked out for a few minutes,what do i do?

SLOW DOWN!Everyone here has told you to take him to the hospital....that's NOT what you should be doing.You should dial 911 and have the medics check him out and then they will take him to the hosp... Read More »

What does the word hoya mean?

Hoya can mean the genus of a flower but it is perhaps most commonly associated with the athletics teams of Georgetown University. Though a bulldog is the school mascot, "hoya" in this sense comes f... Read More »