What roots do i need to take to get in to security work?

Answer Certainly not with results like those. Those Cs are just about a pass.The D is no good and it depends what the B was for.And roots is spelt routes!Other than that, Security work is long boring hour... Read More »

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What degree would you need to work for the Department of Homeland Security?

How long do you need to be out of work to qualify for Social Security disability insurance?

You can apply immediately after leaving the workforce, but your disability must be expected to last at least 12 months, or result in death, in order for you to be eligible to receive Social Securit... Read More »

What courses do you need to take at college to work with disabled and special needs children?

At most schools, you will take the core classes required for all students during your first two years of college. If you want to work with students with special needs, you probably would major in s... Read More »

What kind of security clearance do you need to obtain a homeland security job?

Obviously you need to have no criminal records to obtain a homeland security job, you also need to be a outside of the box thinker to make up new ways to protect your country, and you need to love ... Read More »