Which monetary policy did William Jennings Bryan support in the presidential election of 1896?

Answer William Jennings Bryan supported the bi-metallism monetary policy, which involved backing the U.S. dollar with two metals rather than just gold, explains the American Monetary Institute. Bryan refe... Read More »

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What role did the CIA play in the cold war?

The CIA actually offered military support, consisting in weapons, to Afghanistan in their conflict against the Russians. You can watch "Charlie Wilson's war" or read the book with the same name.

What Role Do You Play In The R&P Family?

I'll be the fish that everybody forgets to feed.MQ: Bohemiam Rhapsody

What Are Some Kinds of Role Play?

The concept of an individual entering into a new role by changing behavior was once purely the domain of actors and actresses, but in the 21st century role playing is common across a range of field... Read More »

What role did fate play in the Iliad?

On One Hand: Characters Accept Their FateIn Book 19 when Achilles chooses to ride into battle after the death of Patroclus, he is warned that the gods have destined him for the same fate of death. ... Read More »