What role did the U.S. play in the world after World War 2?

Answer it shaped relations with latin America

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What is the role of the artist when it comes to making the world better?

I would hate to use the word "role" because it implies and obligation and I am not sure that art works well when saddled with obligations. Artists work best when unfettered with societal conventio... Read More »

What was the role of US foreign policy during both world wars?

Which of the following was not a long-term consequence of U.S. foreign policy developments between 1898 and 1908?

The Role of Labor Unions in Today's World?

A labor union is a group of workers formed to create a better work environment. Unions provide balance in the workplace by taking some of the power out of the hands of employers and giving it to em... Read More »

What was the US' military role in the defeat of Germany during World War 2?

The United States provided significant amounts of military personnel, war material, and equipment to the Allied war effort, along with significant amounts of Lend-Lease weapons and supplies given t... Read More »