What rock makes the cheapest&softest form of sandpaper?

Answer Ground garnet makes the cheapest sandpaper and produces the smoothest result. Garnet’s tendency to burnish the wood grain instead of scratching it produces a satiny-smooth surface that takes stai... Read More »

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How to Form a Rock Band?

Bass GuitarHave you ever looked at bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, AC/DC etc. Here's how you can!

What rock do fossils form in?

Fossils form in sedimentary rock. Sediment is tiny fragments that have worn away from substances such as other rocks, clay, quartz, bones and shells. Water or air deposits the fragments in layers t... Read More »

How to Form a Christian Rock Band?

Do you love the music of God and wish to sing it yourself? Want to become big with it? If you're looking to form a Christian rock band, read this article! It includes helpful tips and pointers.

How does rock crystal candy form?

Making rock crystal candy is a popular science experiment for younger children. Understanding how the crystals are formed is important to understanding crystal bonds and evaporation.SaturationIn th... Read More »