What river separates Washington& Oregon?

Answer The Columbia River Gorge, part of the Columbia River, forms the border between Washington and Oregon. The Columbia River Gorge is 80 miles long and reaches depths of 4,000 feet. The Columbia River ... Read More »

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What river begins in the northern Rockies and flows between Washington and Oregon?

The Columbia River starts in two lakes in a Canadian Rocky Mountain range called the Selkirks. It first flows north, then south into the United States. Finally, it turns west toward the Pacific Oce... Read More »

River Cruises in Portland, Oregon?

From 1803 to 1806, Lewis and Clark traveled on their epic Voyage of Discovery, culminating along the Columbia River. This great river gorge is a natural boundary between Oregon and Washington. Port... Read More »

Boat Tours on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon?

Portland is a river city laid out on the banks of the Willamette near its confluence downstream with the Columbia River. Once upon a time "Stumptown" was among the most dangerous ports in the world... Read More »

What did the people of the Oregon Trail use to cross the Mississippi River?

In warm months, settlers following the Oregon Trail cut down trees to make rafts that let them float their wagons across the Mississippi River. Or they used logs to make crude, flat boats. In the w... Read More »