Which river flows into the Dead Sea?

Answer The Dead Sea is fed by the Jordan River, which flows south and enters the lake at its northern end. Because there is nowhere for the water to flow out, the Dead Sea has water that is much saltier t... Read More »

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What river begins in the northern Rockies and flows between Washington and Oregon?

The Columbia River starts in two lakes in a Canadian Rocky Mountain range called the Selkirks. It first flows north, then south into the United States. Finally, it turns west toward the Pacific Oce... Read More »

I'm going to Paris, France and have some questions?

It won't be such a problem, believe it or not these are major tourist centres and waiting staff are accustomed to dealing with people who do not speak their language. However, the difference betwee... Read More »

What is the weather like in Paris, France in May?

May is a great time to visit Paris, France, although you'll be there with thousands of other tourists because spring is the height of the tourist season in the city of lights. May is also a great t... Read More »

How big is the statue of liberty in Paris, France?

There are actually two Statues of Liberty in Paris. The first, located in Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg), is approximately 15 feet tall. The second, located on Swan Alley Island (Allée ... Read More »