What river begins in the northern Rockies and flows between Washington and Oregon?

Answer The Columbia River starts in two lakes in a Canadian Rocky Mountain range called the Selkirks. It first flows north, then south into the United States. Finally, it turns west toward the Pacific Oce... Read More »

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Which river flows into the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is fed by the Jordan River, which flows south and enters the lake at its northern end. Because there is nowhere for the water to flow out, the Dead Sea has water that is much saltier t... Read More »

What is the Warm ocean current that flows northward along the east coast of North America?

What is the city located on the Congaree River that is the capital of South Carolina?

Located on the banks of the Conagree River, the city of Columbia is the state capital of South Carolina. Including the Conagree there are three rivers that run through the state capital. The other ... Read More »

What is the latitude of the north&south pole?

The latitude of the north pole is 90 degrees north and that of the south pole is 90 degrees south. Latitude degrees are based on the angle created by the plane of the equator and the radius to any ... Read More »