What risks are associated with reconstructive surgery?

Answer bleeding under the skin (hematoma), wound infection, and the recurrence of pressure sores. Infection in deep wounds can progress to life-threatening systemic infection.

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Second ACL Reconstructive Surgery?

1) It only takes away 5% usage of the hamstring strength. That's hardly anything and even if you were a hardcore professional body builder I don't think it would be a problem still. I had hamstring... Read More »

Can you be in the military after having reconstructive knee surgery?

Yes! Yes, you can. The degree of curve cannot be more than 30 of Thoracic and 20 of Lumbar. You can't join also if it has an obvious affect on physical performance. I personally just signed up and ... Read More »

Will Medicaid pay for reconstructive surgery after weight loss?

Answer i WOULD SAY NO, My mother had an mastomecty, and they wouldn't do it for her. Usually if it cosmetic they will not

Facial reconstructive surgery to look like Miley Cyrus?

You're kidding me, right?You've GOT to be kidding me.And "everything a woman should be"?She's like 16, hardly a woman.& the perfect woman wouldn't go around posting pictures in her underwear& makin... Read More »