What risks are associated with heat treatments?

Answer All heat treatments have the potential of tissue damage resulting from excessive temperatures

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What are the treatments for a heat stroke?

Heat stroke is a serious condition that occurs from prolonged exposure to hot temperatures or overexertion during hot weather. Heat stroke has the potential to cause brain damage or death without p... Read More »

What Are the Treatments for Dogs With Heat Exhaustion?

Heat exhaustion, or heat stroke, is a potentially life-threatening condition in dogs and requires immediate intervention. When a dog's temperature rises about the normal 100 to 102.5 degrees, progr... Read More »

Does defragmentation pose any risks to your computers What can you do to overcome the risks.?

There is no risk, it is actually beneficial to do occasionally. Hopefully this doesn't go over your head but here is a description of what defragmentation is:In the maintenance of file systems, def... Read More »

An Airman has collapsed on the flight-line because of the heat and you suspect it may be heat stroke Because of the severity of this type of heat emergency you must immediately?

Word? You're asking this? You were born in California, that's in America. You're cool. Go to the local government office that handles birth and death certificates and they can get you a copy of you... Read More »