What rights does an American father have to his child that was born in Canada?

Answer None even if born here until granted anything by the courts, which are mostly unenforceable across state and international lines. see links

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Does an illegal father have rights to u.s born child mother is also a us citizen parents are not married does the father have legal rights to this child?

It depends.In pakistan, the father has the custody.In US, both parents would be considered for custody, however case is stacked against father from get go based on his illegal status in US. However... Read More »

What are a father's rights after a child is born?

Answer If the couple are unmarried the birth mother is presumed to have full custodial rights to the child..The assumed father is not automatically granted any rights to a child until paternity is... Read More »

Your daughter was born into your marriage yet your husband is not the biolgical father Does he legally have any rights and how can the biological father establish his rights?

Your husband has no rights over the child because he did not help in the creation of the child, but he can legally adopt her.

What custodial rights does an illegal immigrant father have to a child born out of wedlock with a US citizen?

Answer US law presumes that an unmarried mother has sole custodial rights to a child until the court rules otherwise.This applies to US citizen fathers as well as non citizen fathers.Before custodi... Read More »