What rights does a father have prior to the birth of the child?

Answer Answerit depends on why she or anyone else doesnt want you in the child's life look into your relationship or ask her whyim sure its a pretty good reasonof course unlesss the mother or someone else... Read More »

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Does the biological father of a child have any rights to a child if birth mother and presumed birth father put child up for adoption?

Yes. The child cannot be put up for adoption unless both biological parents give up their parental rights so unless you have done that the child can not be adopted unless the court strip you of you... Read More »

The child has the mothers name the father is listed on the birth cerificate does the father have parental rights?

Does an illegal father have rights to u.s born child mother is also a us citizen parents are not married does the father have legal rights to this child?

It depends.In pakistan, the father has the custody.In US, both parents would be considered for custody, however case is stacked against father from get go based on his illegal status in US. However... Read More »

If the father does not sign the birth certificate does he still have legal rights to the child?

Answer Only if you can prove birth through DNA testing.Yes if the couple are married the husband is assumed to be the father and has custodial rights to a child until proven otherwise.If the coupl... Read More »