What rights does a father have if the pregnant mother moves out of state?

Answer He donated sperm, didn't he? if it wasnt for the father, this person wouldn't be here today, so physically he has rights

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What happens if the mother moves out of state and takes the baby without telling the father can the father take her to court?

Yes, she can't steal your child.Yes, she can't steal your child.Yes, she can't steal your child.

Is it child abandonment if mother moves to a different state and children are with their father?

If there is joint custody and the mother of the children has moved to a different state regarding better employment then no, it is not child abandonment even though she should have discussed this w... Read More »

If a 17-year-old moves out of their mother's house into their father's can the mother force them to come back and would the father be arrested?

Answer I can well understand this custody business is very hard on you. No one likes to see their parents split up. I suggest that you get both your parents together and discuss this. There is m... Read More »

Does a father that was ruled unfit by a judge due to a juvenile charge have any visitation rights after the mother signed over her rights to her parents and they have not let father meet or see child?

That would vary from state to state, and court to court. You would need to contact your state child welfare department, and perhaps an attorney.