What rights do you have regarding someone's dog barking at the condo that you own?

Answer Read your governing documents to determine the best course of action. As a first step, you may want to write a note to your neighbor and indicate that the barking disrupts your peaceful enjoyment o... Read More »

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Is there a law regarding condo fees I live in a four-unit condo One of the members has not paid his condo fee for 7 months?

Yes, and the law is a local state law, plus the governing documents under which the association operates the property. Read your governing documents and follow the guidelines there to collect the p... Read More »

What are the top 5 questions to ask the condo association regarding master condo policies?

AnswerIn the state of Florida:You have the right to review the documents by Law before you purchase the unit if from the builder you have 15 days if from a homeowner you have 3 days to review and e... Read More »

What are the individuals rights of a condo owner not to be haressed by condo board?

It depends upon why the condominium board is in special and frequent communication with you.Read your governing documents to remind yourself of your legal obligations, responsibilities and rights a... Read More »

What rights do fathers have that have lost there parental rights to a child in NC?