What rights do pregnant minors in Iowa have?

Answer You decide whether to have the baby, an abortion or an adoption.You have the right to make medical decisions regarding you and the baby but everything else regarding you (not the baby) is decided b... Read More »

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What rights does a father have if the pregnant mother moves out of state?

He donated sperm, didn't he? if it wasnt for the father, this person wouldn't be here today, so physically he has rights

What is the California law for minors with a driver's license driving other minors?

Newly licensed minor in California and hoping to take your friends out for a ride? Bad idea.The lawFor 12 months after being licensed, a minor cannot transport anyone who is under age 20 unless the... Read More »

What rights does the biological father have when you are pregnant an want to consider adoption?

The biological father has the right to pursue custody of the child if you do not want this. In most cases, failure to notify the biological father could derail later adoption plans (which could be ... Read More »

What rights do you have being the custodial parent and wanting to move out of state and what rights does the father have to keep you from moving?

Answer That's a decision that only the judge can make, based on state law. If it appears to the judge that you're just trying to get away from the father, you had better have a good reason. If it's... Read More »