What rewards do you get in US infantry?

Answer Bragging rights, being in a more tight knit and disciplined unit (and you'll see the same with Cavalry units, as well). Additionally, promotions have traditionally been quicker to come for the Infa... Read More »

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Where was company k 36 infantry division 143 infantry regiment during battle of the bulge?

The US 36th Infantry Division (in peacetime the Texas-Oklahoma National Guard) was one of the three very experienced veteran divisions to hit the beach in the "second D-Day", on August 15, 1944. Th... Read More »

Did James E Most serve in the 2nd battalion 60th infantry company E 9th infantry division durning the 1968 Tet Offensive and receive 2 bronze stars and a purple heart?

Can you wear the infantry cord if your not in a infantry unit?

To be able to wear it, you must hold an 11 series, and currently be serving in that MOS. If, for example, you were 11B, then you reclassed to a non-infantry MOS, you wouldn't be authorised to wear ... Read More »

Can non infantry mos wear expert infantry badge?

With few exceptions, no. If you earn the EIB (or CIB) as an infantryman, then you reclass to another MOS, you can still wear it. If you earn the EIB as a non-11 series MOS, then reclass to infantry... Read More »