What resources does an oak tree need to grow?

Answer An oak tree seed, dirt, water, and the perfect temperature.

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What type of weater conditions does an oak tree grow?

hi there for an oak tree to grow it needs mild temperature with small amounts of water at first then a bit more when it starts to develop. As it gets bigger the temperature should drop a little and... Read More »

What zone does a weeping cherry tree grow in?

The weeping cherry tree grows best in USDA hardiness zones 4 through 8, according to Landscaping Ideas Online. The website also states that you can get away with growing a weeping cherry tree in zo... Read More »

What ph does a dogwood tree need?

The dogwood tree is not finicky in terms of what conditions it will grow under, and thrives in a variety of conditions. When planting a dogwood, the soil pH of the selected site should ideally be ... Read More »

What climate does an almond tree need?

The almond tree is native to the Middle East and ideally requires long, hot summers with minimal to no rain and low humidity; well-draining, loamy soil; and mild, frost-free winters.Source:Universi... Read More »