What remote control model number works with the sharp linytron tv?

Answer 005 worked for our polaroid tv

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Which universal remote control will work with a sharp linytron television Model 13SB50?

you need to bring the remote and the car to a GM dealership and have them do it. its like 50 for the remote and 50 for them to program it

How do you get to ch 3 on sharp linytron tv without remote control?

You know, all TV's have a set of manual buttons on them somewhere. Try looking under the little door on the front if you don't see any. Find the user's menu and rescan the TV or just use the chan... Read More »

Do you have information on sharp remote control for model number es777?

In June or July 31. It's from Barney and Phineas! In German, it comes out at April 24! P.S. I am waiting for it!

How do you program a Zenith remote control to work with a Sharp Linytron television?

Answer More than likely the remote is a radio device and the control circuit of the energy saving lamp is emitting interference on the same frequency as the remote. Answer The remote controller has... Read More »