What religion or culture invented cheese and wine?

Answer It was a cult that followed the almighty Jingles to the town of R&S, where upon arriving served the guests alot of whine to get them to follow the almighty Cheesus King. Praise Cheesus!*warm hug t... Read More »

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Poll what cheese would you serve with a strawberry rhubarb preserve at a wine and cheese party?

Mix the preserves with either cream cheese, blue cheese, or a quality goat cheese. The blue cheese is really a great combo with the preserves. Serve with crackers.You could also make a Strawberry ... Read More »

How has religion influenced African-American culture?

During slavery, African Americans couldn't worship in white churches, so they often held services in their own churches. After slavery ended, the church became a hallmark of the African-American co... Read More »

What are three themes of the Epic of Gilgamesh and how do these themes reflect Mesopotamian culture society and religion?

Answer 1.) Assimilation and Separatism2.) Coming of Age3.) Human Rights

How to Prepare Wine and Cheese?

Wine and cheese pair well for serving at parties. Preparing cheese and wine includes deciding what types of each to serve, finding flavors that compliment each other and preparing them to be served... Read More »