What religion does Oprah Winfrey follow?

Answer christianity.Wrong. she has her own religion.

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What religion does Barack Obama practice?

Barack Obama is a Christian. He has been a member of the United Church of Christ, a mainline Protestant denomination, for more than 20 years. He was baptized in the early 1990s in Chicago. Claims t... Read More »

What religion was Barack Obama Senior?

Barack Obama, Senior, the President Barack Obama's biological father, was Muslim. Lolo Soetoro, Obama's stepfather, was also Muslim. President Barack Obama, however, was raised in a predominantly s... Read More »

Did the Qin Dynasty Follow a Religion or Certain Philosophy?

The Qin Dynasty, part of the "Warring States Period" in Chinese history, believed in a strict philosophy called Legalism that demanded tight control over the populace by public institutions. This p... Read More »

How many people follow the Christian religion?

An estimated 2.1 billion people worldwide adhere to Christianity. The United States has the largest Christian population in the world, the professed faith of nearly 225,000,000 Americans. Mexico cl... Read More »