What relationship is your brothers great granddaughter to you?

Answer Your brothers great granddaughter is your great great niece.

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What relationship is your great grandfather's great great great granddaughter to you?

The great great great granddaughter of your great grandfather could have any of the following relationships to you. She could be your: granddaughtergreat niecefirst cousin, twice removedsecond cous... Read More »

What relationship would your great great great grandfather's granddaughter be to you?

Your great great great grandfather's granddaughter could be your: great grandmothergreat great auntfirst cousin, three times removed

What relationship is my first cousin's great granddaughter be to me?

Yes your grand uncle is a brother of your grandfather, or of your grandmother. Some people prefer the term "great uncle."

What is the relationship between your grandfather's brother' s great granddaughter?

This question is unanswerable. To explain the "relationship between" you must specify two things. Only one, "grandfather's brother's great granddaughter" is specified. If the question were about t... Read More »