What relationship is my brother in law's son to me?

Answer You are not related in blood to the kid if the kid is son of your brother in law to another lady. If the son is with your sister, he is your nephew. You can always treat the child as your nephew ev... Read More »

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What is the relationship name for your mom's brother-in-law's brother-in-law?

What are UK laws regarding adult brother sharing bedroom with young brother?

Your cousin's brother is also your cousin. His daughter is your niece. You are her aunt, if you are a woman, or her uncle, if you are a man.

What relation is your brother in laws brother?

Technically, nothing, there is no relationship as there is no common ancestor. Most families would probably use the term great grandchildren for them.

What relationship to your brother is your brother's wife's brother-in-law?

You are your brother's wife's brother-in-law, if you are male. But your brother's wife can also have brothers-in-law who are not related to you or to your brother. They would be the husband's of th... Read More »