What relation are you to your brother in laws wifes grandmothers husband?

Answer If your brother-in-law is the brother of your spouse, his brother is also your brother-in-law. The daughter is your spouse's niece and therefore your niece as well.If your brother-in-law is the hus... Read More »

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What is the relation between a women and her husband's brother son?

What relation is your mother's husband's brother in law to you?

Your mother's husband is your father or step-father.His brother-in-law is either the husband of his sister or the brother of your mother. The brother of your mother is your uncle. The husband of yo... Read More »

What relation to you is your son-in-laws brother?

There is no genealogical relationship. He is just your son-in-law's brother.

What relation is your cousin in laws brother?