What relation are a siblings child and a siblings child's child?

Answer You're allowed to use your fingers.

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At what age can a child be left to watch siblings in Indiana?

At 14 years of age, but you need a work permit (outside of family).

At what age can a child legly look after her siblings in the UK?

1.) Rebbie Jackson (May 29th, 1950) 2.) Jackie Jackson (May 4th, 1951)3.) Tito Jackson (October 15th, 1953)4.) Jermaine Jackson (December 11th, 1954)5.) La Toya Jackson (May 29th, 1956)6.) Ma... Read More »

What is the legal age at which a child can babysit siblings?

Answer The ages at which children can be left unattended vary by state, so the answer depends on where the children live. For example, here in Florida there is no minimum age. All that's require... Read More »

What age can a child stay home alone and watch younger siblings?

Logically, only if the child is mature enough.Legally, it is sixteen years of age.