What region in the U.S has the best BBQ?

Answer You are right! I've been there and the BB-Q is out of this world. There are some good places in Tennesee and Kentucky!

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What is the best city/town/region in Switzerland to visit in April?

Hello) - April is a good month to visit Switz, spring is starting, lot of flowers- Budget: Switz is actually not a cheap place, now Swiss Franc is quite expensive- Suggestion: if you want a mountai... Read More »

What are the names of some designer cookware stores in the Philadelphia, PA region TEN POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER?

I like to buy most of my stuff online. So if you are looking for cookware i would suggest the article below. They concentrated on non stick frying pans but they listed some very good brands and the... Read More »

Can I make my DVD drive multi-region because i have changed the region the max no. of times, can you log on...?

Once you exceed the limit of region changing, the DVD drive is not longer usable, ie it is ruined. There is a chip in the drive that tracks it. You could try the manufacturers website and re-flash ... Read More »

Can Someone in Region 1 buy a DVD player that plays Region 2 DVDs?

Most DVD players have a code to make them "Region Free" (able to play any region). Go to this site: for your model of dvd player and follow the instructions.War... Read More »