What refrigerant oil do I use with a R-134a?

Answer Some air conditioning systems use a mineral-based refrigerant oil. The R-134a system uses a polyalkylene glycol synthetic-based oil, according to an Acura Service Bulletin. The exact type of refrig... Read More »

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How to Add R-134a Refrigerant?

Over time, the seals and connections in your vehicle's air conditioning system can allow a small amount of R-134a refrigerant to leak past and escape into the atmosphere. During cold weather in par... Read More »

How to Change 134A Refrigerant?

Refrigerant-12 is the most commonly used substance in air conditioning these days. R-134A is a next generation refrigerant, and it is expected to replace Refrigerant-12 internationally due to its e... Read More »

What Cars Use R-134a Refrigerant?

R-134a is a refrigerant. Refrigerant is the liquid inside your car's refrigeration -- or cooling -- system. This system allows for temperature control inside your car. By the utilization of the ... Read More »

How to Change R12 Refrigerant to 134A?

R12 is a coolant widely used in the air conditioning systems of vehicles manufactured prior to 1995. Beginning in 1995, all vehicle manufacturers began using the EPA-approved alternative, R134a. ... Read More »