What reduces triglycerides?

Answer Triglycerides refer to fats that circulate in the blood. This is what happens to food that is not immediately converted to glucose for use by the body. Triglycerides are what get stored in the fat... Read More »

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What Reduces Armpit Sweating?

Sweating is a natural process that helps keep the body cool. If uncontrolled, armpit sweat can become an irritating problem and can cause embarrassment. Treatment for this condition can range from ... Read More »

Does Music reduces stress?

Your statement and question is true in all aspects and yes,music does reduce stress and could improve concentration in certain task since it helps you to relieve yourself from boredom.But still,mak... Read More »

What Reduces Stretch Marks?

The term "stretch marks" is a misnomer, because the affected skin has not been stretched. Instead, the epidermis has experienced a breakdown of collagen. Stretch marks may be deep gashes of red and... Read More »

Is vegetarian diet reduces sex feelings?

well if you went completely vegan instead of vegetarian you'd have the highest amounts of testosterone possible. But sadly, if you're vegetarian your levels won't be much different from someone who... Read More »