What recourse does someone have if a towing company damaged their car?

Answer The recourse available to you if a towing company damaged your car depends on where you live (or in some cases where the damage occurred) and the extent of the damage. Recourse may include filing a... Read More »

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If Condo owner does not pay their monthly dues what recourse does the association have?

You can read your governing documents and confirm that your monthly assessments may represent an automatic lien against your title, upon which the board can act when you don't pay your assessments.... Read More »

Are you stuck with the replacement value set by the insurance broker - the amount seems exhorbitant and an attempt by the company to increase their rates unreasonably - do you have a recourse?

hire a licensed contractor to assess the replacement cost of your home - then discuss with broker and or company directly

Can a towing company have a possessory lien on a vehicle?

Under limited circumstances, towing companies may have a possessory lien on a vehicle. In Utah, for example, under Section 41-6-191 of state code 95-091, a tow truck operator has a possessory lien ... Read More »

What is your recourse if the management company will not enforce the HOA covenants?

AnswerYou should review your copy of the covenants to see who has the power to enforce the terms and provisions of the covenant agreement. You could try to complain to the entity that hired the man... Read More »