What recent books have been written on the secret service?

Answer No. You would need to be old enough to be armed.

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Personality of presidents written by secret service agent?

When was the song on her majesty's secret service written the one by Hal David?

Yes he did. Due to more than a third of the nation's money being counterfeit, he established the United States Secret Service (USSS) to prevent the illegal production, or counterfeiting, of money.

What are the lyrics to the song about the secret service written during the Kennedy years?

An FBI agent can make anywhere between 61,100 to 69,900 dollars a year depending on what their base salary is. New field agents often start out with a a salary of 43,441 dollars a year but this all... Read More »

What computer feature was requested by the secret service of hardware manufacturers to be implemented in modern computer equipment to help the secret service fight crime?

unique serial numbers for all hardware devices that can be traced back to you