What reasons do you have for getting or not getting HDTV?

Answer Well, the only reason why I DO have an HDTV is because someone gave me a large-screen HDTV as a gift. The television sets tend to be very costly, especially for a single person on a budget!But hone... Read More »

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I have a 50" Hitachi CRT projection HDTV. It's a 4-5 years old and has a DVI port. Is it worth getting....?

The limiting factor of picture quality from a DVD player isn't the connection but the video processing circuit. Look for a DVD player with Faroudja processing or Realta processing for starters. U... Read More »

What are the reasons for getting AIDS?

AIDS will not get affect in one day or two days.The previous stage is HIV. this is an infection which will create due to the unhealthy contact with the infected person, once this infected blood co... Read More »

What are some reasons for getting a facebook?

1)It's a good way to stay connected with family/friends, it's gotten to be alot more convienent than e-mail. My mom and brother/sisters are on Facebook and now that I'm out of the house it's a gre... Read More »

Getting a tv ready for HDTV?

Well, I don't know exactly what you mean. But if you mean the 2009 digital transition, all you need is a cable or satellite service provider and a set-top-box from that provider, and you'll be fine... Read More »