What reasons could cause balding patches on child scalp?

Answer A baby born at less than 27 weeks with a weight of 800 grams or less.

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Why would my Child have small round white patches on the front of his tongue?

Answer Could it be thrush? You should check with your pediatrician.

Relief for Itchy, Dry Scalp in a Child?

An itchy, dry scalp happens in both adults and children. There can be many causes, from an allergy, to dandruff, to other skin problems. But there are a few ways to offer relief to a child.

Reasons why a child should NOT go to preschool?

sending your child to preschool comes down to a personal choice. i recommend sending her to preschool maybe two to three days a week, part time, if you're having hesitations. if you're choosing not... Read More »

What are the reasons for tantrums of a child aged 3?

What aren't some reasons? 3-year-olds will have tantrums for any reason that they see fit...especially if they haven't had a nap. Other reasons might be illness, sadness, hunger or to get attention.