What really slows down your PC?

Answer basically mate in my opinion memory is the only realistic way to improve your p.c,s overall speed,and obviosly a decent processor and with todays software a dual core cpu is best such as the core 2... Read More »

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.htaccess slows down my server?

Possible you have some kind of recursion going on. Add this right underneath your "RewriteEngine on" line and see if it speeds things up. If so, check your rules for recursive redirects.RewriteOp... Read More »

What Slows Down a Laptop Over Time?

It is normal for laptop computers to slow down over a period of time and various factors cause this. Regular maintenance of your programs and operating system can help to keep your computer running... Read More »

Does music slows down your iPhone 4S?

I'll bet she does and if not I'm shore she has a iphone if not a iphone 4s

Why is it when i install from it slows my pc?

install 1 program at a time and reboot each time. time consuming process but it will narrow down what is slowing your pc. could also check task manager (ctrl+alt+del) to see what process is using... Read More »