What really makes the cinematic look?

Answer There are several ways to give a video a 'film' or 'cinematic' look. Some might record video at 24fps, while others make certain cameras settings and use creative lighting. Four common methods are:... Read More »

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Is there any way that I can make my makeup look really,really?

I'm not sure that you can.No matter what you do, your class and beauty would still be shining through anything you might use to try and hide it..

How to connect Bose cinematic speakers to tv?

Connect the AUDIO OUT from the back of the TV to the AUDIO IN of the BOSE unit.

Who's your cinematic doppelganger?

Julia Roberts as Laura in Sleeping with the EnemyI had a husband just like him. Forks had to be laid a certain way in the drawers, spoons, Towels had to be hung right. And the cabinets OMG had to ... Read More »

What makes a really nice camera?

If you are an aspiring photographer, you need a fully adjustable dSLR while you are attending photo schoolOnce you finish school and start building your business, you will want to consider buying a... Read More »