What really goes on in the egg industry?

Answer When it comes to "free range" eggs consumers must still be wary for a number of reasons. One main reason is that even the standards regulating the free range industry allow significant cruelty. Pra... Read More »

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What really goes on during animal testing?

Cosmetics are not tested by applying them to an animal. The Draize test involves putting drops of the test substance in the eyes of a rabbit. The surface of a rabbit's eye is very sensitive, and t... Read More »

What color goes REALLY good with yellow?

brown or green both are neutralsand yellow is a bright colr so you need something to soften it up a bit

What hair colour goes with dark black eyes and really pale skin?

Definitely get it done professionally. However, once your hair is lightened it won't fade back to dark, you'll have to grow it all out again. Peekaboo bangs would look nifty! I loved when I had those.

The fashion industry is can be really tough. Who would you have chosen if you were a judge?

blah..wouldn't be a judge. don't care too much about that aspect of life. :)