What reaction do pregnant women have from calcium channel blockers?

Answer The effects of taking calcium channel blockers during pregnancy have not been studied in humans.

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What should pregnant women do before taking calcium channel blockers?

Women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant should check with their physicians before using these drugs.

Does taking verapramil calcium channel blocker or a calcium antagonist deplete calcium from blood Or taking c?

1) No it doesn't. They just block the entry of calcium into certain cells of the cardiovascular system.2) No

Is it harder for obese pregnant women to feel fetal movement more so than pregnant women who are pregnant and are not overweight?

it is not harder to feel the movement it just is not as harsh on your ribs and back because there is more "wiggle room" for the baby. however, it will be harder to see the movement from the outside.

Is a Calcium-Channel Blocker a Statin Drug?

According to the Mayo Clinic, calcium-channel blockers are not the most effective medications at lowering blood pressure; your doctor may initially prescribe beta-blockers, angiotensin-converting i... Read More »