What race is put on birth certificate of biracial baby?

Answer .The descriptor of "Race" has NOT been placedon MOST Birth Certificates (at least NOT in the United States) since the mid to late 1960's..

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When did they stop putting a person's race on their birth certificate?

The composition of birth certificates is determined by individual states. The majority of states do record the racial background of both parents. Information regarding race is recorded to provide r... Read More »

How to Make a Doll Baby Birth Certificate?

Is your baby doll unofficial? Wanna make it official? This is the article for you!

Where is the birth certificate number located on a Virginia birth certificate?

According to the Virginia Office of Vital Records, the State File Number (SFN) is the unique number printed on every birth certificate in the State of Virginia. The first three digits on the Virgin... Read More »

How long after a baby is born can you wait to fill out the birth certificate?

Pretty much soon after the birth, as long as it is done before 42 days (6 wks).