How to Look Like David Draiman?

Answer We've all heard Disturbed's lead vocalist David Draiman belting out hit songs like "Down with the Sickness," "Prayer," or "10,000 Fists". Like any good singer, he deserves to be emulated. Here's ho... Read More »

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What song did David cook sing for American idol against David archuletafor finale?

Who should I vote for to win American Idol, David Archuleta or David Cook?

ok i think you should vote for david archuleta because: 1) his voice is pure-he's singing like this with practically 1 vocal cord and it will only get BETTER by age2) david archuleta is young...he ... Read More »

David Archuleta and David Cook What's wrong?

I see a lot of that too and I think it sucks, especially since it's obvious that they're friends. Cookie is like Archie's big brother,or something. And both of them are amazing, so I'm a rarity who... Read More »

Lessons David learned in David Copperfield?

What else of course stupid stuff...of course you can never see it!!!