What r good tips for burning fat (specifically fat)?

Answer It is impossible to do what you are asking. Each time you lose fat, your muscle shrinks slightly, this is because the tissue being held by the fat can no longer support it so the muscle becomes sma... Read More »

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How can I keep from burning everything on my new propane grill I would appreciate any tips.?

Going from charcoal to gas takes a little getting used to, since they are different types of heat and have slightly different grilling characteristics.If your grill has a thermometer in the lid, ma... Read More »

How to Keep From Burning the Tips of Your Fingers With Hot Plates?

You can serve your guests piping hot entrees on hot plates without burning your fingers or theirs. Heated plates are used in restaurants and homes to keep food servings hot from the first bite to t... Read More »

Tips on Burning Wood Cleanly?

Wood burning stoves, furnaces and fireplaces can be a lot of work to keep them functioning properly. Proper maintenance and use will help ensure safety for your health and home. If you do not keep ... Read More »

Tips & Troubleshooting for Wood Burning Furnaces?

Heating the home with wood is economical, especially with the ever increasing price of natural gas and electric heating. Modern wood-burning stoves and furnaces are often clean and do not smell. Pr... Read More »