What r good programs for translating from Arabic to English?

Answer ما هو جيد برامج الترجمة من العربية الى الانكليزيه؟Here is a program you can try

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Would translating a wikipedia article from one language to another be a good idea?

That's a wonderful idea Annie, Wikipedia has a translation project at "Wikipedia:Translation" where you can plug in. It is the goal of the Wikimedia Foundation to translate comprehensive knowledge ... Read More »

How to Learn English on a CD From Arabic or French?

Many language-learning companies advertise that their language lessons on CD will help a person learn the language fast and without a class, but without a proper routine most people will not benefi... Read More »

How to change the language of my laptop from arabic to english!?

The first thing you should do is open Google translator on the desktop. That way you can move the text you don't understand into it's window and it will translate it for you immediately. What you n... Read More »

A good software for translating texts to another language?

I think google does that. My  mac dashboard has a widget that does that. Source(s): my  dashboard