What questions would you ask a new mother?

Answer New mothers can be divided into two groups: women who have had children before but have a new baby now, and women who have just had their first babies. Each group faces unique, and similar, problem... Read More »

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As a First Mother, what single piece of advice would you give to a younger First Mother?

Felicita said it all. Be prepared for a life of pain that never ends until one day you are graced with a reunion that turns out good. Get counceling because you will never get over it, you might pu... Read More »

If yahoo answers website vanished would you miss it who would you ask your baby questions to instead?

My mummy friends I have on Facebook. Or my mum. I always ask my mum first though :)

What would you do for a dying mother-in-law?

Call her more frequently. When my father was dying, he really enjoyed talking to friends and family he hadn't talked to. Go visit her or at least find a way for your spouse to do so. If your spo... Read More »

Questions for the Birth Mother After an Adoption of a Newborn?

In an open adoption, not only are the adoptive parents taking in a new baby, but in a way they are also adopting the birth family. When a birth mother and an adoptive family agree on an infant's pl... Read More »